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The Digital Sappho

Text and Commentary

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 The Digital Sappho combines the elements of a traditional, printed commentary with the benefits of a digital format. The targeted audience is upper-level undergraduate and graduate level Greek students, but will be helpful for anyone translating Sappho into English from the original Greek, wanting access to the entire Sapphic corpus, identifying Sapphic meters, and conducting academic research.

How to use the site

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  • Table of Contents (left sidebar): easy access to specific fragments.
  • Flip pages with the ← and → arrows
  • The page for each fragment includes:
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    • Notes tab (right sidebar): information about the meter, critical editions, commentaries, and ancient sources
    • Vocabulary tab (right sidebar): line by line vocabulary assistance, with links to the LSJ and Smyth’s Greek Grammar
  • Find assistance to the Aeolic dialect and Sapphic meters in the Introduction.
  • Find an image bank and a bibliography at the bottom of the Table of Contents.
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